«Met on a California freeway in 1972, fell for each other instantly, have not spent a day apart in 34 years. The couple that plays together, stays together, particularly if what they play is mondo-gonzo dirty blues punk rock’n’roll shot through with the vivid colour, satire and sex of fifties teen culture, stoopid-dumb B-movies, vintage pornography, Vegas Elvis, backwoods rockabilly, sicko sixties garage, iconic burlesque clothing, pink Cadillacs, dirty doings at the eternal American drive-in, Ms Spanks-a-lot Amazonianism, Ed Wood sci-fi and the kind of gratuitous filth that only the most romantic people on the planet can indulge in and understand that the filth is the love, L.U.V. They are The Cramps. And they transcend rock’n’roll because they are a genre of their own


«We convinced each other that it was a viable option to have our own band and that everybody would think it was really cool. It was kind of a delusion. Except that we succeeded with it.”»


«We do what we love for a living and live a good life. Some people go on about having a big house… but Lux and I are both psychic, so that would just frighten us, ’cos all those empty rooms would be full of ghosts. »






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