é o clássico “temos de falar”

“I have invited the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to Berlin on Monday and I’m looking forward to his visit. We will have time to talk to each other in detail and perhaps also to argue.” – Angela Merkl


– So, it is my understanding you do not vish to pay the debt?
– I… i cana explaina, it is not like ita looks, I…
– Are you nervous? I make you nervous? Look intzo my eyes. Tell me your feelings.
– I… it’s justa that. This is harda, to.. to speaka lika this.
–  It didn’t sound hard when you send me dozens of sms late at night.
– I wasa drunka! I did not know wata I was saying, please, delete.
– Maybe you were being honest. Let me read you thze last sms: “Merkl i do not pay the debt! You pay us for WWII compensations! 50 bilion!” Alexis. Do you find this reasonable?
– …no but…
– But what? Look at me, speak up, show me your feelings.
– You invadeda us with many fascists! Nazis! All overa the place’a!
– It was almost 80 YEARS AGO! GET OVER IT! You can’t… you can’t hold ressentment like this! Take my hand. Look at me. Alexis. Look at me. Look. Into my eyes, sie bitte. Listen carefuly. You are exiting the eur.. LOOK AT ME! You are exiting the eurozone if you keep acting like a crazy teenager. Dies ist nicht Kindergarten! Do you promise to at least make an effort, ya?
–  Watever.
– Okokok i promise, i promise. Can i go now?
– Scheize. We need therapy.


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