uma perspectiva feminina (é isto)


«The topic of controversy is the amount of “fine art” nude photography that is out there today that is unquestionably distasteful in nature. Most of the time it involves overly suggestive posing that borders on the line of, yes, softcore porn. That’s fine if you’re shooting boudoir, but most of the time that wasn’t the intended purpose.

I can’t help but feel like these kinds of photos are becoming more and more prevalent in modern photography and I would love to see this trend fade away into the abyss of the ou
tdated what-the-hell-were-they-thinking category.

When I hear about talented photographers shooting nudes inside my own community that are bragging about their sexual escapades with their models, it’s even more of a buzz kill. I have a problem with this, not because of the personal decisions made by model and photographer (hey, do whatever you want!), but because it’s disheartening to have such faith in an artistic concept, only to have it unmasked as just a phony imitation.

It’s like finding out that your favorite band actually buys all of their lyrics and doesn’t write anything themselves. The authenticity you once trusted in and sang along to (or maybe even cried to) during one of those long agonizing breakups is now void.»

Why I Shoot Fine Art Nude Photography: A Woman’s Perspective (NSFW)

Lauren Naylor is a 27-year-old conceptual portrait photographer currently living in Los Angeles, CA. Her dark, moody fine art portraits aim to evoke core human emotions that she believes are commonly repressed or ignored in American modern society.



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