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the Texas-born Pierce left his hometown of Los Angeles several times over the course of his Gun Club and solo years to seek solace in the East. Despite the often-reported chaos of his lifestyle as a musician, he seemed ironically hellbent on escaping the material world and its judgmental trappings, and even to escape his body itself, in his case this desire manifesting itself in abject and continued assault on his liver. Even when he was settled for a time in the UK, his compass pointed to the East – he settled with a Japanese partner, Romi Mori (who eventually joined his band), spent whole weekends watching Japanese films and eventually saw Japan as some kind of final refuge for his imagination. He even made one last pilgrimage to Japan when he was by normal standards just too sick to travel, not long before the end of his short life. (…) Go Tell The Mountain (published by Henry Rollins on his 2.13.61 imprint and now a highly sought collector’s item on eBay) often has haiku-like inflections in his prose, which at times make it read as though it were originally written in Japanese and translated into English. It’s hard to know if this was a studied effort, or a reflection of the way Japanese culture had by then gripped his imagination to such an extent that he’d assimilated it on a much deeper level.

acho uma coincidência curiosa e pode explicar em parte a minha empatia com a poesia (e a música) de jeffrey lee pierce. Também fui alimentando este fascínio pelo oriente como um lugar algo mítico, uma terra santa, leio sucessivamente o livro sobre os monges budistas maratonistas do mount hiei, inscrevi-me nos 168km da ehuunmilak à custa disso, leio livros de budismo, arte e cultura japonesa (o último foi o elogio da sombra de Junichiro Tanizaki), leio sobre taoismo… é só uma coincidência, mas não há dúvida que o meu lado mais místico, religioso, parece preenchido, a par do Benfica, pelo Oriente.

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